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  • Personal & Portable

    Take aromatherapy everywhere you go.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Only Essential oils.No additives. 

  • Safe & Easy to Use

    No need for any smoking experience.

  • Fresh Breath

    Revitalizing tastes for a breath that feels refreshed.

  • Wellness Products

    Effective support for quitting smoking.

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    Shipping World wide

  • Easy to Track Orders

    Easy to Track Orders

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    Free Shipping World wide

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    Free Shipping World wide


When you stop smoking, or during a detox, Cigtrus aromatherapy can help you manage withdrawal symptoms..


Concentration, focus, and alertness can all improve with aromatherapy. Invigorate your mind and get more done.


Soothe your troubled mind, and allow your stress to melt away. Aromatherapy inhalation has been shown to have a unique calming effect.


Some of our flavors provide a cooling sensation that can help open up your airways, reduce inflammation, and help you breathe easier.


Ease anxiety about flying or traveling by using Cigtrus. Deep breathing and aromatherapy inhalation can help you relax and calm your mind even when you’re on- the go.

Habit Relief

Reduce the need to suck on a pen, chew gum, nail bite, or smoke. Cigtrus is a healthy alternative to fix the habit of having something between your teeth.

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