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What is the first step to quitting smoking?

The first step is making a firm decision to quit and setting a quit date. Planning and commitment are key.

How can I deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms?

Consider nicotine replacement therapy, or use a nicotine-free option like CIGTRUS inhalers to manage cravings without nicotine.

Are there any smoke-free alternatives to help me quit?

Yes, CIGTRUS offers a smoke-free and nicotine-free inhaler that mimics the act of smoking to help satisfy oral fixations.

Can quitting smoking improve my health immediately?

Absolutely. Your body begins to heal and your risk of smoking-related diseases decreases soon after you quit.

What are some strategies for resisting the urge to smoke?

Distract yourself, stay active, use quit aids like the CIGTRUS inhaler, and seek support from friends or support groups.

 How does the CIGTRUS inhaler aid in smoking cessation?

CIGTRUS inhalers provide a physical and sensory substitute that mimics the hand-to-mouth action of smoking without harmful effects.

Is it possible to quit smoking without gaining weight?

Yes, with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and by keeping your mouth busy with products like CIGTRUS inhalers.

How do I handle smoking triggers?

Identify your triggers and have a plan. Replace the trigger action with something like using a CIGTRUS inhaler.

What should I do if I slip and have a cigarette?

Don't get discouraged. Many people slip; what's important is to keep trying. Use the slip as a learning experience.

How long does it take for smoking cravings to subside?

Cravings decrease in intensity over time, usually over a few weeks. CIGTRUS inhalers can help manage these cravings in the interim.

Can I really quit smoking after many years?

Yes, it's never too late to quit. The body starts to recover and health benefits can be felt at any age.

 Are there any natural remedies to help quit smoking?

Yes, many people find relief through meditation, exercise, and natural inhalers like CIGTRUS.

What role does stress play in smoking relapse?

Stress is a common trigger for relapse. Finding stress-relief techniques and using aids like CIGTRUS can help.

 How can I quit smoking when my partner smokes?

Set clear boundaries, ask for support, and consider using a personal aid like the CIGTRUS inhaler to maintain your commitment.

Will quitting smoking help my skin?

Yes, quitting smoking improves skin health, reducing wrinkles and improving complexion.

How can quitting smoking affect my mental health?

Quitting can improve mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and improving overall mood.

Can quitting smoking improve my sexual health?

Yes, quitting smoking can improve circulation and sexual function.

How do I avoid replacing cigarettes with another bad habit?

Focus on healthy habits, such as exercise or using a CIGTRUS inhaler, to avoid replacing smoking with another unhealthy habit.

Is it better to quit smoking gradually or all at once?

It depends on the individual. Some prefer quitting cold turkey, while others taper off using products like CIGTRUS.

What long-term support is there for ex-smokers?

Many find long-term support through community groups, therapy, and continuous use of smoking cessation aids like CIGTRUS inhalers.

how long does CIGTRUS last.

A Cigtrus inhaler typically lasts for 3-5 days when used throughout the day.

How many puss does CIGTRUS have ?

The lifespan can be affected by factors such as frequency of use, depth of inhalation,and storage.

How long do they last ?

It typically lasts for 3-5 days but to extend the lifespan of your Cigtrus inhaler, use it sparingly, take shallow inhales, and store it properly.

How long is the flavor supposed to last ?

This can be affected by factors such as frequency of use, depth of inhalation,and storage environment.

How long does it take to usually ship and receive a order ?

We ship the same day with USPS.

What are the ingredients in CIGTRUS ?

Natural flavor extracts including menthol, peppermint, citrus fruit and herb oils.

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